Alice Dansey-Wright is a cross-disciplined illustrator with a fascination of process. 

Alice's playful, black painted line appears on a variety of backgrounds and objects: customised garments, textile prints, murals on walls in domestic and public spaces. Painted by hand in a meditative way, simplistic shapes and textures are inspired by ancient symbology, folk art and the abstract and often depict the female body echoing sculptures by Barbara Hepworth. The results are fun collections of dots and lines like contemporary hieroglyphics. 

Alice is based in Glasgow where she has lived with her husband Jamie since graduating in Environmental Art at Glasgow School of Art. Alice is currently developing a series of garments and accessories that explore the role of the 'artist', the garment as a canvas and accessibility around fashion.



Clothing, photography and performance, Paloma Wool is based in Barcelona. With fashion at it's heart, the cross-disciplined studio has no boundaries.

With collaboration being central to the brand, Paloma Wool has become a platform and showcase for creatives. No real limits on the end result leaves collaborators free to explore, resulting in a delicate motif on garments, a ceramic object or an interesting process of making clothing. 

Selling exclusively online, the photography and objects are given just as much importance as the clothes. "When I started this project I did not want it to be just a clothing brand. It was very clear to me that one of the strengths of Paloma Wool was going to be all the artistic support behind it. That’s why the furniture, the pictures, the web and the videos, all of them have the same importance. I don’t want the garment to stand out." 

With sourcing and production all made within Barcelona in runs of just fifty pieces, Paloma Wool's intimate offering of garments, photography and objects are for sensitive people with a deep appreciation of aesthetics who are conscious about buying local. 



ROBERTS | WOOD transforms everyday decisions into the extraordinary in AW17 collection MOIRAE.

ROBERTS | WOOD AW17 collection MOIRAE takes our conscious and subconscious decisions, changing state of mind and ideas of luck and fate and explores them in womenswear. Maths and science underpin the collection with repetition and layering altering and adding volume to the outline of the body.

ROBERTS | WOOD garments are feminine, quiet and strong. With considered transparencies and exaggerated silhouettes, the female body is framed and celebrated in ruffles and layers of tulle and denim.

Katie Roberts-Wood studied womenswear at Royal College of Art and is based in London. Her work has been picked up by retailers all over the world including the prestigious Dover Street Market London, Tokyo and New York.



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