Costume and Styling for Mara, The Seal Wife.

When creating the costume for Mara, The Seal Wife, I looked at stylised 80’s films and old photographs of locals from Uist and St Kilda.  Working with contemporary designers and fashion producers I was able to incorporate jewellery by Heather McDermott and Soizig Carey for the Lighthouse and wedding scenes, knitwear and jumper by Anika Höppel, scarf by Green Thomas for the Proposal scene, silk cotton pyjamas by LAS for Maggie and a customised denim shirt by Alice Dansey-Wright for when Sìne is painting in her studio. Mara, The Seal Wife is clothed with a mixture of locally sourced authentic pieces, borrowed family heirlooms, and unique contemporary details.


LAS is a Scottish sleepwear brand with a focus on minimal design, comfort and modern luxury. Drawing inspiration from the natural environment of Scotland and nostalgic childhood memories, SÒLAS creates sleepwear combining contemporary shapes and custom prints using high-quality fabrics. A collaboration between Ruth Mitchell and Ciorstaidh Monk that merges their complementary aesthetics, skills in fashion design, print and photography, SÒLAS is a design identity that encourages an inclusive, holistic, comforting experience for the wearer with an emphasis on quality and attention to fine details.

Indoor Parkour photoshoot and publication with Jamie Bolland

Photographed Jamie balancing, leaning and lying in various parkour positions around his beautiful dark wood Glasgow flat. These images were printed and made into a newspaper and art poster for Slo-Mo books and shown in their launch exhibition at The Old Hairdressers, Glasgow. You can buy the paper/artist book at Good Press.


I was part of Glasgow International festival photography team, covering exhibitions, interventions and artist talks across Glasgow.

Fèis Tir an Eorna

I spent last week back home in the Outer Hebrides teaching printmaking to children during Feis Tir an Eorna. We printed aprons, a banner and bunting using monoprinting and block printing with lemons and limes.

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